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Large equipment

Short Description

Leica EM Cryo CLEM set for widefield light microscopy for analysis of cryo samples in the cryo light and electron microscope.

- Microscope stand

- Camera
Leica DFC9000 GT: deep-cooled 4.2 MP sCMOS camera with a maximum of 82% quantum efficiency, 50 frames per second acquisition speed, and extreme low dark current of 0.14e/p/sec, pixel size: 6,5 μm, Bit depth: 12/16 bit.

- Objective lens
Leica HCX PL APO 50x / 0.90 CLEM objective. Working distance of 0.28 mm. Maximum resolution of 512 nm.

- Filter system
DAPI ET: Excitation: BP 350/50; Dichroic: LP 400, Emission: BP 460/50
GFP ET: Excitation: 470/40; Dichroic: 495; Emission: 525/50
TXR ET: Excitation: BP 560/40; Dichroic: LP 585; Emission: BP 630/75

- Software
CLEM Viewer

Contact Person

Ludek Lovicar

Research Services

Widefield light microscopy for analysis of cryo samples.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Cryo-Corellative Light and Electron Microscopy

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Electron Microscopy Facility

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