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Short Description

Our team of experienced scientists uses differential calorimetry to determine both the formation and solution temperatures as well as the specific corresponding energies. This analysis is a core element for the optimization of process windows in the casting process and the heat treatment of alloys.

Contact Person

DI Clemens Simson

Research Services

• Accredited test procedure according to specially developed SOP
• Determination of phase formation temperatures and enthalpies
• Detection of low-melting impurities
• Heat capacity measurements
• Heat treatment simulation with simultaneous thermal measurement
• Optimization of thermal process parameters for the real industrial production process

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Test Procedures
• Differential scanning calorimetry at a constant heating rate between 0.1 K/min and 40 K/min
• Isothermal measurements
• Heat capacity measurement from -70°C to 700°C
• Simulation and measurement of freely definable temperature programs

Allocation to Core Facility

Material Testing and Characterisation

DI Clemens Simson
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6930
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