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Short Description

Modern high-performance materials are opening up new, increasingly demanding fields of application. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of the materials and their production processes. The LKR offers a full range of state-of-the-art methods for microstructure, material and process characterization.

Contact Person

Helmut Kilian

Research Services

Material analysis
• Experimental alloy production, process control
according to industrial parameters
• Production using industrial scale tools
• Chemical, microstructural und mechanical
material characterization

Process analysis
• Microstructure analysis and assessment from the production process perspective
• Validation and optimization of heat treatment
• Validation and optimization of forming

Product analysis
• Chemical and qualitative damage assessment
• Test of defined material parameters

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Analysis methods:
• Analysis of complex compound materials
• Characterization of topology

• Al- and Mg-base alloys

• Miniaturized sample geometries
• Simulation and characterisation of forming
processes and heat treatment processes

Analysis of notch rupture
• Fully instrumented notch impact test

Deformation analysis
• Fully instrumented deformation analysis of sheet materials
• Nakajima and cupping test

Test methods:
Mechanical materials testing
• Tensile and compression test from -170°C to 300°C
• Brinell hardness testing

Fatigue test
• Testing of material samples and components

• Characterization of sections
• Grain size measurement
• Analysis of microhardness

• Phase formation and phase transformation
• Characterization of heat treatment parameters

LKR Leichtmetallkompetenzzentrum is accredited according to EN 17025


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Center for Low-Emission Transport
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Center for Low-Emission Transport
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