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A precise molecular understanding of the heterogeneity of tissues of higher organisms is critical to answering a number of key biomedical questions.' The GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) Station allows detailed molecular analysis of defined regions within complex, heterogeneous tissue samples at both the protein and mRNA levels in high-plex formats. The technology provides a spatial molecular picture of complex biological samples by generating total transcriptomes and profiling data for hundreds of validated protein analytes from so-called "regions of interest" of selected tissue sections. This enables researchers to study the multiple cellular and molecular interactions between, for example, cancer cells, cells of the microenvironment, and therapeutically relevant cells of the immune system with unprecedented precision. The GeoMX DSP Station thus represents a robust and flexible technology platform that enormously accelerates the path from the discovery of biomedically relevant processes to translational research questions.

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Prof. Dr. Fritz Aberger

Research Services

spatially highly resolved mRNA and protein profiles from defined regions of complex human and murine tissue sections

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Nanostring GeoMX DSP technology extends the methodology of genomics and proteomics. GeoMX technology allows spatial expression profiling within histological slice preparations of complex human and murine tissues with unprecedented resolution, precision and depth.

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Prof. Dr. Fritz Aberger
Fachbereich Biowissenschaften
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Department of Biosciences
PLUS Priority Program Allergy-Cancer-Bionano Research Center
University Institute of Pathology of the Salzburg Provincial Hospitals
Salzburg Cancer Research Institute (SCRI)
University Hospital for Internal Medicine III, Oncology Center, University Clinic Salzburg
Paracelsus Medical Private University (PMU)
FWF Doktoratsprogramm Immunity in Cancer and Allergy
Christian Huber, Jutta Horejs-Höck, Josef Thalhamer, Fritz Aberger (Co-Antragsteller)

Cancer Cluster Salzburg - Smart Specialization Center für Tumor-Microenvironment Communication
Richard Greil, Fritz Aberger
Land Salzburg

Biomed Center Salzburg
Fritz Aberger
Land Salzburg