ICS 5000 Inertes HPLC System

Medical University of Vienna

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Short Description

The ICS-5000 is being used for multidimensional separation of peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies, sugars, DNA and other substances, which can be separated using liquid chromatography. The inert system guarantees minimal sample adsorption and minimal losses. Further, separations using columns with 500 µm ID up to 4.6 mm ID can be used thus enabling an wide range of applications. The system is connected to a Probot µ-collection and spotting robot, which enables sample collection and spotting on chips and MALDI-targets.

Contact Person

Goran Mitulović

Research Services

Chromatographic separation for sample preparation of proteomics samples. Separation of small molecules from biological samples, which requires inert (non-metallic) surface.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Expertise in developing multidimensional separation methods based on professional experience with LC Packings and Dionex, participation in different European projects.

Allocation to Core Facility

Core Facility Proteomics