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Series 6560 LC-IMS-QTOFMS. Agilent Technologies.

This is a new generation ion mobility-mass spectrometry system. In addition to the more conventional TOF and QTOF systems, this instrument introduces an additional analytical dimension, i.e. the drift time or collisional cross-section of a compound, which is highly beneficial for the identification of unknown compounds as well as for addressing challenging separations of isomers.

This system offers a mass accuracy of 1 ppm with a spectral resolution of up to 40 000 and is equipped with a robotic sample preparation device enabling on-line sample preparation steps such as derivatization, clean-up or pre-concentration via solid phase extraction.

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Stephan Hann

Research Services

• Highly accurate, targeted quantification of metabolites in biotechnological and biological samples based on stable isotope internal standardization
• Non-targeted (differential) metabolomics workflows
• Determination of isotopologue and tandem mass isotopomer fractions for metabolic flux analysis
• Environmental analysis (e.g. non-target pollutant screening and tracing, exposomics)
• Method development expertise for mass spectrometry-based analysis in metabolomics and environmental analysis
• Scientific support for all stages of analytical study design, method planning and execution

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

One system. Three dimensions.
This system offers the advantage of three dimensions of separation in a single measurement. It combines the power of high-performance liquid chromatography, new ion mobility technology, and a high-resolution accurate mass system. It is well suited for resolving structural isomers, increasing peak capacity, finding and confirming minor components and preserving protein conformations.

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Mass Spectrometry

Stephan Hann
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