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Core facility (CF)

Short Description

Cryo Electron Microscopes

- 300kV Cryo-TEM Titan Krios G3i – Single Particle Analysis and Cryo-Electron Tomography
- 200kV Cryo-TEM Glacios – Single Particle Analysis and Cryo-Electron Tomography
- Cryo-FIB/SEM Aquilos – Cryo-lamella preparation
- Leica EM Cryo-CLEM
- Cryo tomography transfer system Fischione M2550

Electron Microscopes

- Jeol JEM2800 / 200kV - Scanning/transmission electron microscope
- Tecnai 10 / 100kV - Transmission electron microscope
- Tecnai 12 / 120kV - Transmission electron microscope
- FE-SEM Merlin VP Compact / 3D array Tomography SEM

Equipment for sample preparation

- Leica EM UC7; ultramicrotome
- Leica EM FC7; cryochamber for Leica EM UC7
- Leica Ultracut UCT; ultramicrotome
- Leica EM KMR3; glass knife maker
- High pressure freezing BALTEC HPM010
- Freeze fracture machine Leica EM ACE900
- Freeze fracture machine Jeol JFD V
- High vacuum carbon coater and metal sputter
- Fully automated critical point dryer Leica CPD300
- Dual chamber glow discharge unit ELMO

- Automatic freeze-substitution apparatus / 2 x Leica EM AFS
- Plunge freezing apparatus / Leica EM CPC/ FEI Vitrobot Mark IV
- Automated immunogold labeling system / Leica EM IGL
- Automatic section stainer / Leica EM stain
- Hybri-oven / Hybridization incubator
- Sandbluster

Data analysis

- Powerful workstation with TEMography software (reconstruction and visualization) for tomography data processing, Fiji, Matlab, Stacker.
- HD touchscreen Wacom Cintiq 22HD.
- Powerful Workstation with off-line Atlas Array Tomography software for Atlas Array Tomography data processing.
- 10TB data storage unit for Atlas Array Tomography data.
- 2x 300TB storage with 4 GPU for On-The-Fly processing and post processing of cryo-EM data

Contact Person

Ludek Lovicar

Research Services

• Biological sample preparation for electron microscopy:
◦ Conventional room temperature fixation
◦ Cryo fixation (High pressure freezing, plunge freezing, freeze substitution, freeze fracturing)
◦ Immunolabelling
◦ Freeze-fracture replica electron microscopy combined with SDS digestion
◦ Correlative microscopy
◦ Ultramicrotomy
◦ Negative staining
◦ Chemical & critical point drying
◦ Metal sputtering
◦ Carbon coating

• Development of biological sample preparation techniques
• Lamella preparation by FIB (biology, chemistry)

• Imaging by means of electron microscopy:
◦ TEM (room temperature & cryo)
◦ S/TEM EDS analysis
◦ S/TEM in situ heating experiments
◦ 3D Tomography
◦ Array tomography (3D SEM)
◦ Cryo-TEM
◦ Cryo-FIB

• User training in biological sample preparation for electron microscopy and Cryo-Electron Microscopy, training in imaging by means of electron microscopy and Cryo-Electron Microscopy, and training in EM data post-processing.

• Image processing and data analysis: TEMography, Fiji, TrakEM, Matlab, Atlas Array Tomography, Stacker, Reconstructer.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

High performance EM-equipment & sample preparation equipment & highly skilled crew.


Manager of Electron Microscopy Facility
Ludek Lovicar
Electron Microscopy Facility
+43 2243 9000 1066
Information on terms of use, cooperation and fees is provided upon request. All such information is defined in a scientific collaboration agreement.