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The collection „Mesozoic Invertebrates“ contains about 300.000 objects from all over the world covering a time interval from 251 to 66 million years. The main focus of the collection are Ammonites and other invertebrates from the Mesozoic of the Alpine region and from the countries of the former Habsburg Monarchy. During the last years, the collection was substantially enlarged by donations and legacies. Some of the most important collections are the Triassic fossils from St. Cassian (Southern Tyrol), the Jurassic invertebrates from Ernstbrunn (Austria) and from the Cretaceous of the Gosau region (Austria), each comprising thousands of unique objects. Most of the objects are of invaluable historical significance because the majority of localities are inaccessible today or have been completely exploited.

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Alexander Lukeneder

Research Services

Reference specimens for research.
Fossil identification upon request.
Biostratigraphic analysis upon request.
High resolution photographs upon request.
Production of casts and replicas upon request.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The collection “Mesozoic Invertebrates“ serves as reference for taxonomic research questions and is utilized by numerous international scientific projects. Selected objects are provided for external exhibitions.

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Access to the collections upon request.