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Short Description

The gemstone collection of the Natural History Museum Vienna is the most important of its kind in Europe. The collection currently includes about 4000 objects - raw stones, polished stones as well as some pieces of faceted and mounted jewellery and craft items. In addition to natural products, synthetics and imitations are also included in the collection. Only a small amount of objects are on display. The majority of the collection is used for scientific research and as reference material for analyses of the State Gem Institute.

Contact Person

HR Dr. Vera M. F. Hammer

Research Services

Determination of minerals, gemstones, precious stones, synthetics, imitations, fakes, handicrafts made of stone materials, CITES certificates - protected jewelry materials, and expert opinions possible on request for a fee.
Assistance with historical research on certain objects in the collection.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The employees of the department of mineralogy and petrography have an extensive expertise in the non-destructive testing of gemstones, precious materials, synthetic gemstones, imitations and fakes. Different mineralogical and gemmological methods of analysis are used. The employees also have special expertise in the historical aspects of objects in the gemstone collection.

Allocation to Core Facility

Mineralogisch-Petrographische Abteilung, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

HR Dr. Vera M. F. Hammer
Mineralogisch-Petrographische Abteilung, Staatliches Edelsteininstitut
+43 1 52177-272
Access only after prior appointment during working hours (Mo-Fr, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm).
Institute of Mineralogy and Crystallography, University Vienna
Gemmological Laboratory Austria KG, Vienna