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As the institutional repository of Paris Lodron University Salzburg, the open access publication server ePLUS offers academics and students a trustworthy archive for the open access publication of academic publications in full text. The repository includes formats such as research articles, monographs and edited volumes, working papers, conference contributions, research reports as well as theses, dissertations and postdoctoral theses.

ePLUS serves as a platform for hosting open access journals and publication series published at the University of Salzburg. As a repository for secondary publications, it is the basis for implementing the university's Open Access guidelines.

Contact Person

Linda Ohrtmann, MA

Research Services

The University Library provides support in the context of publication services, in particular by advising on open access publishing opportunities, copyright issues for second publications, free licences and funding for open access publications.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The repository consists of the publication server for open access publication of documents and the journal server for hosting open access journals.

All hosted documents are assigned the persistent identifier URN or DOI by default to ensure permanent citability and long-term access.

Visibility and discoverability of publications is ensured through interfaces to library and union catalogues using standardised, librarian-approved metadata. The data is listed in general search engines and Google Scholar, and the metadata can be retrieved by other databases via the OAI-PHM interface.

ePLUS is operated by the Austrian Library Network OBVSG using the Visual Library software (semantics GmbH).

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Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg

Linda Ohrtmann, MA
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