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The parallel bioreactor system (Dasgip, Eppendorf) can be used for various applications in research and development for the fermentation of insect or mammalian cells and has a working volume from 250 to 1500 mL in four glass or single-use vessels.
The system provides individual probes for each of the four reactors for dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature in addition to individual off-gas analysis for each of the four reactors. For each reactor two scales are connected to monitor feeding rates and/or perfusion rates in each reactor individually.
The process control system is individually programmable for each reactor and pre-installed recipes for common process schemes are available. In addition, the system allows for an individual programming of new recipes. It is suitable for batch or fed-batch processes as well as continuous processes either as chemostat, or in combination with the ATF-device as perfusion process. The system enables fast evaluation and design of experiment (DoE) approaches to screen different parameters for upstream bioprocess development and provide the data for advanced process modelling through DoE, mechanistic modelling or hybrid modelling (combination of statistical and mechanistic modelling).

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Dr. Martin Trinker

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acib offers extensive and reliable partnerships in national and international research projects, as well as the implementation of contract research.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Transient production of recombinant proteins: The Dasgip system can be used for the transient production of recombinant proteins using suitable cell lines (like HEK293) in combination with a plasmid carrying the protein of interest for production. The cells are cultivated to a specific cell density in the reactor before transfection with the plasmid using transfection agents (like polyethylene-imine, PEI). The culture is then cultivated for production of the recombinant protein by a feeding scheme of peptone and/or glucose until harvest.
VLP production in insect cells: The Dasgip system can be used with the baculovirus-insect cell system to produce recombinant proteins or virus like particles (VLPs). A suitable insect cell line (like High5 or Tnms42) is cultivated to a specific cell density and the infected with the baculovirus carrying the protein of interest or the proteins for VLP production. The culture is then cultivated for production of VLPs and harvested after the production period.

Allocation to Core Facility

Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib)

Dr. Martin Trinker
Director Business Development & Fundraising
+43 316 873 9316
The device can be used in research collaborations. Costs depend on duration of service.
The device is used in cooperation with a company partner in the field of vaccine development.
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