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In this facility, examinations on the motor skills of strength, speed and coordination are performed. By means of three-dimensional force plates, ground reaction forces are measured and thus speed and explosive force parameters, mainly of the lower extremities, are determined. With the strength measuring device, the Schnell M3 and the fitness equipment, systems are available for the dynamic and isometric maximum strength determination of all muscle groups. Among others, coordinative abilities can be determined with the Posturomed and the Fitro Agility Check. To measure biological signals, a EMG system (Biovison) is available. Musculoskeletal changes in muscle morphology through training can be quantified by ultrasound scans (Esoate LA523E5). A Constant Current Stimulator from Digitimer is used to examine neuromuscular adaptations.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Erich Müller

Research Services

Combination of strength and endurance training regimes enhancing sport-specific performance
Quantification of morphological adaptations of the musculature using ultrasound
Development of sports-specific diagnostics regarding strength

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Methods of strength and acceleration measurement
Method of three-dimensional strength determination by power plate AMTI
Methods of EMG, derivation and processing / evaluation
Determination of dynamic equilibrium by Posturomed
Isometric core strength diagnostics Schnell m3
Measuring systems for checking coordinative skills
Diagnosis and training support in Biathlon
Method of vibration training (vibrating plates)
Systems for the determination of muscle power threshold


Prof. Dr. Erich Müller
Interfakultärer Fachbereich für Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft
0043 0662 8044 4851
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Austrian Football Association ÖFB
Olympic Center Salzburg
SALTO, Salzburg (
ZentrAAL, Salzburg (
Various national teams biathlon
Department of Psychology, University of Salzburg
KLIF Projekt - Good Vibration
2017 – laufend
Rieder (IFFB), Wiesinger (IFFB), Kösters (IFFB), Müller (IFFB), Herfert (SALK), Vasváry (SALK), Sassmann (SALK), Landkammer (SALK), Wicker (SALK)
Department of Sport Science an Kinesiolgy, University of Salzburg, Austria (E. Müller), SALK – Universitätsklinik für physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation (A. Wicker), SALK – Universitätsinstitut für Radiologie (K. Hergan)

Prevention of early Childhood obesity - Projekt SALTO
Ring-Dimitriou (IFFB), Weghuber (Universitätskinderklinik, PMU Salsburg), Freudenthaler (IFFB), Aistleitner (Projektmanagement), Horvath (Diätologin)

Zentraal - Modul Fitness
Ring-Dimitriou (IFFB)

Leistungsdiagnostik Olympiazentrum Salzburg-Rif
Müller (IFFB), Dfirnberger (IFFB), Kösters (IFFB), Schiefermüller (OZ)
Olympiazentrum Salzburg-Rif

Leitungsdiagnostik Österreichischer Fußballbund (ÖFB)
Müller (IFFB), Gonaus (IFFB), Ruttensteiner (ÖFB), Zallinger (ÖFB)

SASES Salzburg Skiing for the Elderly study
Müller (IFFB), Kösters (IFFB), Pötzelsberger (IFFB), Scheiber (IFFB), Finkenzeller (IFFB)
Christian Doppler Laboratory "Biomechanics in Skiing" University of Salzburg, Austria (E. Müller)
Institute for Biomedical Research, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom (M. Narici)
Department of Sports Medicine, Prevention and Rehabilitation, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Austria (J. Niebauer)
Xlab, Department of Biomedical Science, Center of Healthy Aging, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenghagen, Denmark (F. Dela)
Department of Sport Science, University of Freiburg (A. Gollhofer)

Skiing after total knee athroplasty
Müller (IFFB), Kösters (IFFB), Pötzelsberger (IFFB), Rieder (IFFB), Wiesinger (IFFB), Finkenzeller (IFFB), Amesberger (IFFB), Würth (IFFB)
Department of Sport Science an Kinesiolgy, University of Salzburg, Austria (E. Müller)
Xlab ,Department of Biomedical Science, Center of Healthy Aging, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenghagen, Denmark (F. Dela)
Orthopaedic University Clinic, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Austria (U. Dorn, T. Hofstädter)
Sportsclinic Austria, Innsbruck, Austria (Ch. Fink)
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Oslo, Norway (O. Seynnes)
MRC ARUK Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research, Faculty of Medicine, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK (M. Narici)
Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy (M. Conte)

Biathlondiagnostik/ Messplatztraining
Sattlecker (IFFB), Gressenbauer (IFFB), Buchecker (IFFB), Pfusterschmied (IFFB), Stöggl, IFFB, Birklbauer (IFFB)
Betreute Teams: Nationalteams Österreich (Nachwuchs, Damen, Herren)
Nationalteam Slowakei (Damen)
Nationalteams Italien, Ukraine, USA, Cana (jew. Damen, Herren)
Nationalteams Polen, Slowenien, Weißrussland (Damen)
Nachwuchsteams (Skigymnasium Stams, Skihandelsschule Schladming)

Sleep and gross-motor learning in school aged children and adults
Hödlmoser (FB Psychologie), Birklbauer (IFFB), Schabus (FB Psychologie), Müller(IFFB)
Fachbereich Psychologie, Universität Salzburg
Quantitative analysis of patellar tendon after total knee arthroplasty using echo intensity. A non-randomized controlled trial of alpine skiing.
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