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Hochauflösendes Massenspektrometer für die relative quantitative Messung von Proteinen und Metaboliten.

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Dr. David Gomez-Varela

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If you are interested in a collaborative project using our high resolution mass spectrometer, please contact us.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

We strive to gain mechanistic insights into the dynamics of protein networks underlying vertebrate somatosensation in health, development (aging), and disease (chronic pain) – an endeavor, which lies at the heart of both understanding the molecular signature of chronic pain and identifying novel drug targets. To this end, we combine a diverse set of methods ranging from molecular biology and biochemistry, electrophysiology, primary cell culture and preclinical mouse models to molecular modelling and quantitative proteomics using high resolution mass spectrometry.

If you are interested in a collaborative project, please contact us.