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Short Description

LKR offers a semi-industrial and experimental vacuum die casting plant for aluminium and magnesium as well as special alloys, sample preparation and material development.

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Simson

Research Services

• Process-dependent and application-oriented alloy development (Al, Mg and special alloys)
• Mechanical and metallographic analysis and evaluation
• High quality semi-finished material for material development / sample preparation

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Test facility for the development/manufacture of:
• complex alloy systems (e.g.: high reactivity)
• non-standard alloys
• high-purity samples
• special applications
• samples for material characterization

Manufacturer: Indutherm - Type: VC400 LCD

Casting unit:
• Crucible temperature: max. 1300°C
• Heating capacity: 4.5 kW
• Vacuum: up to 30 mbar
• Overpressure: 1.5 bar
• Cooling: water: 200l/h
• 2 independent chambers

Crucible volume: 170cm3

Protective gas supply: pure nitrogen (N2) or argon (Ar)

Allocation to Core Facility

Casting Lab

Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Simson
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6930

M.Eng. Andreas Betz
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6938
The use is to be agreed in each case.