Cold chamber die casting machine DAK1100-112

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Short Description

The LKR cold chamber die casting machine is a fully automated industrial-scale test facility for the development of complex aluminium and magnesium die casting components as well as for process and material development.

Contact Person

Simon Frank

Research Services

• Process-related and application-oriented alloy development
• Mechanical and thermodynamic material characterization
• Metallographic analysis and evaluation
• Component development/simulation/design
• Process development and associated process simulation
• Tool development and test operation
• Component prototyping/pilot series
• Provision of plant capacities (rental option)
• Holistic solutions from the idea to the component ready for series production

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

By using an industrial-scale die casting machine, R&D projects can be carried out under realistic production conditions. The combination of realistic process conditions and LKR’s expertise in alloying technology allows R&D results to be efficiently implemented in industrial practice.

LKR expertise:
• Alloy structure (effect of individual alloy elements)
• Adjustment of microstructure characteristics
• Tuning microstructure/heat treatment
• Melting technology and temperature control
• Melt quality (composition, purity)
• Melt treatment, grain refinement, finishing
• Characterization (spectroscopy, metallography, DSC, dilatometer)
• Numerical methods of alloy development and process engineering: microstructure simulation (MathCalc), mould filling simulation, solidification simulation etc.

Allocation to Core Facility

Casting Lab

Simon Frank
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6952

Angela Harrison
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6979
The use is to be agreed in each case.