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Short Description

The activities of ACMIT comprise user-oriented development from the very beginning all the way to testing and validation of devices concerning their usability. As a result, we deliver a usability file according to IEC 62366. Our all-in usability package includes all usability engineering tasks from start of product development to the usability file ready for certification.

To perform realistic usability tests, our usability laboratories are fully equipped rooms (experimental operating room, everyday surroundings and a control room with modern HD-Video- and Audio-Technology) which can be used to reproduce different test environments.

We offer all usability relevant work packages like
- Review of already existing technical documentation, e.g. intended use, risk management. Result is a preliminary Use Specification.
- Performance and analysis of User Research, e.g. contextual inquiry, observation etc.
- Performance of a Use Error Risk Analysis to determine hazard-related use scenarios.
- Conceptual User Interface Design regarding usability according to generally accepted standards and style guides.
- Planning of tests, recruitment of representative test users and realisation of the tests.
- Performance of formative tests, e.g. perform and document verification, expert reviews, cognitive walk-throughs, usability tests.
- Summative tests including documentation, e.g. usability tests on site (using our mobile usability lab equipment) or directly in our usability laboratories.
- Performance of summative usability tests, i.e. usability studies on-site (mobile usability lab) or in our fully equipped usability lab consisting of an experimental OR, a living space environment and a surveillance room with modern video and audio technology. As a result, we deliver a comprehensive test report including analysis of the outcome and suggestions for minimization of risks and/or improving overall user experience.

Contact Person

DI (FH) Martin Kornfeld

Research Services

- Reviews of technical documentation
- Performance and analysis of User Research
- Performance of Use Error Risk Analyses
- Conceptual User Interface Design
- Planning of tests incl. recruitment of representative test users
- Performance of formative tests
- Performance of summative tests
- Documentation

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Usability Engineering
User Interface Specifications
User Interface Evaluations

DI (FH) Martin Kornfeld
+43 2622 22859 10
Please call us for specific modalities for usage of ACMIT usability laboratories.