Experimental Operating Room

Austrian Center for Medical Innovation and Technology (ACMIT Gmbh)

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Spatial research infrastructure

Short Description

The Experimental OP of ACMIT is equipped to simulate clinical surroundings and can be used for different activities for the medicine product development:

• System Tests
• Usability Studies
• Workflow Optimisation
• Trainings

The surgical laboratory features the following components:

• Multifunctional OP Table
• Radio therapy and Imaging Table
• Dual surgical lighting unit
• Endoscopy tower with different endoscopes
• Miscellaneous immobilisation- and positioning-systems
• Optical Tracking System
• Magnetic Tracking System
• Stealth Station Neuron Navigation System
• PC ultrasonic system
• Various instrument sets for the neurosurgery, MIS and ENT
• Various anatomical models

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Kornfeld

Research Services

System Tests
Usability Studies
Workflow Optimisation

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

System Tests, Usability Studies, Workflow Optimisation, Trainings

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Kornfeld
+43 2622 22859 34
Conditions are defined individually.