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Short Description

The Trioptics OptiSpheric IOL permits the measurement of all important parameters of optical lenses – in particular intraocular lenses – and optical assemblies, in air or in situ.

The characteristic features of the Trioptics are:
Measuring setup and principle according to EN/ISO 11979
Measurement of mono-focal, spherical and aspherical lenses
Measurement of diffractive and refractive multi focal lenses, in particular bifocal and trifocal intraocular lenses
Measurement of polyfocal or adaptive lenses
Measuring of hydrophobic and hydrophilic intraocular lenses in air or in situ (using a temperature controlled Model eye according to EN / ISO 11979)
Adjustable wavelengths: 488 nm, 532 nm, 650 nm
Automatic and precise autofocus

Contact Person

Nicole Plank, MSc

Research Services

Our optics team is skilled in the use of the optical bench and able to measure all important parameters of optical lenses and lens assemblies in air or in situ. The system is especially suitable for intraocular lens measurements.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

As an example, with our bench we can provide the following measurements:
- focal length (EFL)
- refractive power, add power
- modulation transfer function (MTF)
- point spread function (PSF)
- through focus scans

Nicole Plank, MSc
+43 2622 22859 31
Please contact us for an individual agreement for the application of the optical bench.