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The use of a stationary eye tracking system, such as the SMI RED250 mobile, allows eye movements to be captured at a frequency of 250 Hz. This high frequency guarantees a very accurate analysis, but limits the data acquisition to on-screen visualizations. This allows the analysis of all types of information visualizations including possible interaction techniques based on a monitor screen. The SMI RED250 mobile is minimally invasive for participants as no headrest is required for data acquisition.

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Heimo Losbichler

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Design & test various design options to identify the most effective, efficient and satisfactory solution.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

With the help of stationary eye tracking, any form of information visualization that can be displayed on a screen (dashboards, reports, individual visualizations, tables, etc.) can be analyzed and optimized step by step. The recorded scan-paths of the eye movements can be used, for example, to find causes for misinterpretations of reports and eliminate them in the next step.

Schwerpunkte: Controlling, Rechnungswesen und Finanzmanagement (CRF) , Kompetenzfelder (Steyr) , Logistikum , Medien und Wissenstechnologien
Heimo Losbichler
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