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The eye-tracking glasses record eye movements of test subjects. Although limited in frequency to 120 Hz, they enable the capture of real situations (and not just representations on a screen). Glasses are particularly useful when using multiple screens or handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones. In addition, interactive visualizations and also collaborative test scenarios can be captured.

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Heimo Losbichler

Research Services

Designing & testing different design variations to identify the most effective, efficient and satisfactory solution, as well as optimizing interaction between multiple devices.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

With the help of mobile eye tracking, any form of information visualization that can be displayed on multiple screens simultaneously (dashboards, reports, individual interactive visualizations, tables, etc.) can be analyzed and optimized step by step. The recorded eye-tracking data can be used, for example, to find causes of misinterpretation of reports and eliminate them in the next step. Interactive work on and with several screens at the same time can be optimized with the help of these eye-tracking glasses.

Schwerpunkte: Controlling, Rechnungswesen und Finanzmanagement (CRF) , Kompetenzfelder (Steyr) , Logistikum , Medien und Wissenstechnologien
Heimo Losbichler
Dekan & Studiengangsleiter Controlling, Rechnungswesen & Finanzmanagement
+43 5 0804 33710
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