300KV Cryo-TEM Titan Krios G3i

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Short Description

300kV Cryo-TEM Titan Krios G3i – Single Particle Analysis and Cryo-Electron Tomography

- X-FEG Electron Source
- Ceta 16Mpx CMOS Camera
- Falcon 3EC
- Gatan K3 BioQuantum
- Phase-plate
- Dual Axis Holder
- SW: EPU, Tomo, SerialEM, Maps 3 for TEM with Correlative Workflow

Contact Person

Ludek Lovicar

Research Services

Single Particle Analysis & Cryo-Electron Tomography

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Cryo-Electron Tomography
Single Particle Analysis

Allocation to Core Facility

Electron Microscopy Facility

Ludek Lovicar
Electron Microscopy Facility
+43-(0)2243 9000 1066
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