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Large equipment

Short Description

Fully Automated Stand-Alone FTIR Microscope

(*) Stand-alone FTIR microscope with full automation
(*) Highly comfortable and easy in use
(*) Motorized ATR crystal (ATR = Attenuated total reflection)
(*) Fully automated measurement in transmission, reflection and ATR mode
(*) Large working distance; allowing ample space for sampling
(*) Outperforming quality in both IR and VIS range

(*) Identification of particles
(*) Analysis of defects and contaminations
(*) Surface analysis
(*) Investigation of multilayer structures
(*) Fiber identification
(*) Determination of the chemical composition of complex samples

Contact Person

Markus Brandstetter

Research Services

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Characterization, Measurement of technical and biological samples.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Application of chemical imaging (Hyper-Spectral Imaging, HSI) for characterization of various materials.
Additional expertise in data evaluation to generate valid chemical information from raw spectral data (multi-variate analysis, chemometrics).

Allocation to Core Facility

Spectroscopy-Lab (NIR, MIR, Raman)

Markus Brandstetter
Head of IR&Raman
+43 732 2468 4620

Christian Rankl
Area Manager Optics
+43 732 2468 4644
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