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Short Description

industrial 10 kW direct diode laser system for cladding, alloying and hardening mounted on a 6 axis robot system with manipulation of workpiece on a rotating table; equipped with powder feeder and possibility to feed wires and metal strips

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Katsich

Research Services

realisation of R&D services with a high-power diode laser in the framework of customer orders or long-term cooperation in (inter-)national research projects

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

laser cladding of wear and corrosion resistant coatings on 3 dimensional surfaces and laser heat treatment with a robot guided rectangular laser focus; precise process control as well as high deposition rates of powder additives allow 2D and 3D component surface geometries in industrial scale; by means of powders, strips and wires as precursor, favourable base materials can be provided with functional claddings; validation and optimisation of high-performance laser processes for tribo-functional claddings and surfaces on components and semi finished products; validation of novel alloy compositions by means of LMD process on an industrial scale

Dipl.-Ing. Christian Katsich
Technologien zur Werkstoff- & Oberflächengestaltung
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